Hello world!

You can teach a new parent, old tricks…

        First up, sleepless nights.

        No one ever said it would be easy, true. However, it’s nearly impossible to explain, to some young couple with the open road of life stretching out before them, exactly how difficult parenting can be. It doesn’t come with a manual, but (hopefully, anyhow), a blog. If my stories and experiences as the parent of a toddler, can help anyone floundering, floating, or (even) flopping, I guess I won’t feel so badly about my own expertise with the new and improved “three F’s”.

       Every parent has wondered; through sleepless and colicky nights, through teething and fevers, through what seems like endless and pointless potty training; if we’re just plain lousy at this whole thing. We’ve all wondered if God is trying to punish our children, by electing us, their parents. I’ve questioned this myself, through bottomless tears of frustration, in the utter ineptitude and incompetence with which I seem to be handling this entire endeavor.

       It is equally impossible, it seems, to describe to this same young couple, the love who swells with your belly and bosom (too often, thighs and feet, as well); unconditional, boundless, illogically serene. How all of one’s priorities change, so that things once important, are demoted to trivialities, hardly worth a mention. How a future rolls out, before you, of long days and endless nights; of school-years and summers off; of the same movie forty-seven times, and not a single ball game. Bottles, to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; diapers, to underpants; high school, to college…the story never changes, only grows.

      In those first (very) unsure days, of motherhood, I cried right alongside my sometimes inconsolable daughter. The hardest parts, by far, were the nights (and days) where she’d bawl, despite being full, clean-diapered, and cuddled. No position, if you ask me, feels so inadequate, as a parent who can’t know why his/her infant is upset. It is a complete and all-consuming frustration.

      My daughter was around four months old, when a lifesaver of a couple (also new, first-time parents), suggested ‘Gripe Water’, an all-natural, all-around tummy soother, with ginger, chamomile, fennel, caraway, peppermint, and other herbs. As I recall, it was actually my ex-husband who discussed it with the other husband, a co-worker of his, and we bought it as soon as he got home that day. At my wits’ end, I didn’t research it, to confirm it objectively or concern myself with all of its ingredients. I simply took the word of parents who used it, and bought two different brands.

     It didn’t matter, in the end. No Google search, or questions to my doctor and pharmacist could have told me with any more certainty, than what my peaceful, clean, happily slumbering angel, confirmed. It was a question of colic, gas, and experience, but ‘Gripe Water’ was  the universal answer to a troubled tummy.


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