You can teach a new parent old tricks

Next up, sleepless days…

When last we met, I was all about the help I got, with my little girl sleeping through the night. An important part of that, is getting her to nap during the day, which has been a fight throughout her whole life, so far. After the early days of eat-sleep-poop (rinse and repeat), getting her to nap regularly was my next impossible challenge. It was certainly no cliche. “Like pulling teeth”, couldn’t hope to measure up, as a useful simile. It was more like, I don’t know, fighting a cyclops for his eye.

Through teething and tantrums, or in the midst of peace and quiet, I’ve had equal trouble. She refuses to sleep, at times, and at others, she just konks right out. I find it to be generally indiscriminate. At any rate, she only naps about two or three times a week, at best. My remaining solution to this particular dilemma, has been to require that she lay down for ‘quiet time’ every day, regardless of slumber (or, lack, thereof). Honestly, I think it’s the only method that works, to the point she naps ever, infrequent though they may be.

I do know one thing; she sleeps infinitely better and more soundly on nights where she has had a healthy nap in the afternoon. Naturally, I can’t help but hope she doesn’t take after me (a sleep-study-worthy insomniac).


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  1. ACW
    Jul 21, 2011 @ 02:23:53

    Hi there and welcome to blogging! I am not a mother myself but I love kids and have babysat many of my nephews and nieces and friend’s babies. I was wondering whether it would help to exhaust your child by doing lots of physical activity… tummy time or other games… maybe it would help with getting her to have an afternoon nap? I remember my mother used to say that when I was a baby, I played a lot and got exhausted easily and so I slept really well. Anyway, its just a suggestion. Best of luck!


  2. wittyjules
    Jul 21, 2011 @ 14:24:49

    Thanks, for both the welcome, and the advice. My daughter is incredibly active, and I do my best to keep up with her. There seems to be no real way to just wear her out. Her energy is nearly boundless. It’s fun, though, to watch her run around like a mini nutjob. 😉


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