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It’s happening, everywhere, a steady decline and descent of information on paper. Call me old-fashioned (and the weird thing is, I’m kinda young), but this seems to me, dangerously short-sighted. We live in a society full of information, yet, nearly devoid of accurate and useful methods of obtaining said information. When books are a thing of the past; when libraries are obsolete; when the only Encyclopedia left, is written by our peers, in lieu of experts; all we can expect, is to lose it all, as easily and as quickly as it takes to click on the ‘save’ icon.

Has anybody noticed? Does nobody care? I assume the general (overused and generic) argument, is for the sake of the trees. It was applicable for the Lorax; doesn’t hold up so well, here. And I’m all about not fucking around with Mother Nature. I also know, as Mr. Carlin so aptly put it, that She has survived much worse, than us. We amount to a fly on Her windshield (the inside of it; we’re annoying, that way).

With the click of a button, I can melt my brain about forty-seven different ways. I want to be clear, here. Television, video games, computers, Ipads, tablets, cell phones; they all have their place; my argument is only their status as commonplace. Technology is a wonderful thing, in moderation, but here we are at the advent of in-home 3-D TV. Take a second, to think this through, with me. We live, physically, in a 3-D (if not, more) world. We can play actual sports, have human interaction, in doing so, possibly (Whomever, forbid) even, get to  know our neighbors and peers. Physically. In this world, we call home. But, nope. We’d rather Wii fitness, chat online, social network, Xbox and Playstation our poor hands, to the point of broken thumbs.

Instead of going outside and joining the actual 3D (if not, more) world, at the edges of our thresh-hold , we are choosing to watch a fake, scripted 3D world, on TV, at home. We’re fat because we’re lazy. We’re lazy because we’re content to be stupid. Why? Why are we exponentially apathetic? Because, it’s too hard and too time-consuming to care (plus, people think you’re weird, if you do; take it from me). Here’s the utterly mentally challenged part. We started out, inventing all this crap we don’t particularly need, with the intention of having more time for other things. Important things. Now, we merely fill that time with ridiculous, pointless, money-making ways of filling wasted time.


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  1. live60
    Jul 27, 2011 @ 07:13:30

    Very nice blog, wittyjules. I haven’t read it all yet, but I’ll be back. Thanks for dropping in on my blog.



  2. live60
    Aug 03, 2011 @ 09:38:09

    Jules, I wholeheartedly agree that technology has made chimps out of a lot of people, fat chimps at that. And, unfortunately everyone thinks everything on the Internet is true, or contains more information than other resources. One would think I would be a tech junkie, but I’m not. When electronic games and computers first came out, I latched on to them and no one knew what I was talking about when explaining I enjoyed playing Pong and Tanks, or what a Commodore 64 did to improve my writing progress over a typewriter. That was when a monitor didn’t come with a computer, instead we used a portable TV for a screen. And when I was a kid, we got beatings for playing out too late instead of coming in a watching the new gadget, TV. The temperature didn’t matter, got up early, played all day until late in the evening, despite man eating mosquitoes and chiggers. Recently I was sitting on my patio before July 4th on a Saturday. I listened to how silent the neighborhood is with an abundance of kids, even with the temptation of fireworks. It was eerie. The author of, “The Silent Spring” would be amazed to know, it happened to humans instead of birds. Not through the poisoning with pesticides, but from the overdose of technology we have been feeding our brains. And like fast food is not real food, neither is this abundance of information, much of which adds nothing lasting to our culture.



  3. Anna
    Aug 03, 2011 @ 19:01:54

    This is a fantastic post, and the same thing bothers me, also. It’s frightening to think that all of our knowledge and information is coming to be present electronically! Of course, this isn’t a bad thing, but the consequent decreasing of paper-based sources is. I mean, what happens when all of the electronics go boom?! Hmm. I might be being slightly paranoid/over-emphatic, but there you go 😀 Long story short, I have a huge book collection, and I am happy to keep it that way!


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