You can teach a new parent old tricks…

Teeth, teeth, and then, more teeth…

Really; it never stops. Even, at twenty-nine, I’m still dealing with teeth. They’re almost like sympathy pains. Every time Kyra gets some new teeth, I start sprouting a wisdom tooth. By the time she gets her wisdoms, I’m sure I’ll be busy with my denture fittings. I must say, I smell a bit of irony, here, actual irony; not, of the Alannis Morisette variety.

Kyra never particularly cared for teething rings and I’m not a huge fan of medicating infants. I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this. The doctors were all about Tylenol, but, I think excessively medicating anyone, especially young children, is setting their immune systems up for failure. Sooner, than later, at that. I forget who told me about teething tablets, and it seems they just kind of fell into my lap. Again, they are an herbal remedy for the general discomfit and crankiness which equals a teething child. I’m tempted to try them, myself. These wisdom teeth only serve to teach me about a pain worse than childbirth. I’m pretty sore and cranky, too.

The teething tablets also contain chamomile (it helps you sleep, for anyone who’s never tried one of my favorite teas), amongst others, and help to soothe the pain and gum swelling, to form the teeth, and to allow the helpless child some much-needed sleep. Stay tuned, for potty training. I do have the stubbornest little person the world has seen, where that area is concerned.


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  1. live60
    Aug 01, 2011 @ 12:06:16

    Hi Jules. The things we endure to stay alive are really tough, and I know from experience. Like you, I only medicate when I need to, and at my age most people have a drawer full of medications. I take nothing. Too many people are teaching kids that pills and liquid meds are the answer for all life’s problems. Not so. Pain and struggle builds character, and a good immune system.

    Jules, I responded to your comment on my blog. And, I’ve started with my new writing tip videos. A new one will appear each day. Here’s the latest.



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