misery…company…all that good stuff.

We know who they are. Chances are, they do, too, because their actions as dirtballs, jerks, and out-and-out sociopaths, are usually premeditated. Few people who are chronically miserable, sprinkling our lives with their douchebagery, are ignorant of their actions. My question is; what makes these people tick? What in them, fails to realize the beauty of simplicity, or the underlying reassurances in our every day?

When life hands these people lemons, they find a way to squirt themselves (and often, their loved ones) in the eye. Everything is a bother, and not in a cute, sad Eyore sort of way, but more of an evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz (without Perry, to thwart him) way. I know, I know…I watch way too many kids’ shows. What can I say? I’m not a big fan, in general, so the three-year-old runs the TV. I can’t wait for it to cool down a bit, so we can get out-of-doors, more. But, I digress. Forgive me; this is off the cuff, where usually, I have a first draft, in good old-fashioned ink.

Back to the perpetually abject and pitiful, who seem hellbent on destroying any spark of joy, they see in the world around them. This is particularly dangerous to children, for obvious reasons. As much as children see the possibility for fun, these year-round Ebeneezers, see the destruction of that nearly indomitable spirit. It is harmful for a child to be stifled, stuffed, and placed on a shelf of shame. As hard as it is, for me to sit here and type, through the sounds of Woody and Buzz (goodness; that laser on the  actual toy is annoying), what am I supposed to do? Make her stop? Send her to exile, upstairs in her room? Heck, no, I won’t have it. I laugh, and sigh, and sip my wine, loving and resenting the interruptions, alike.

If I can’t connect with my little girl, now, when will I ever have the time? In a few more years, she’ll hold me in disdain, then, downright hate me, for a couple years after that. Finally, she’ll be mature enough to realize what  I was up to, this whole time, and our relationship will be stronger, for it. Even now, at three, she’s been asking to spend more time on her own, in her room, or what-have-you, and as her independence grows, so does my respect for this awesome little person. We have to remember, when we speak to our children, when we play with our children, when we speak to each other, that we are molding the future of our race/culture/society. The least we can do, is be here, when they need us. God knows, we need them.


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