Getting My Hopes Up

Dare I dream, that we may be making some serious progress, in the bathroom? I don’t know…I’ve gone down this road before, and returned brokenhearted. Yesterday was completely consistent and accident-free. Today has been consistent, with Kyra taking more initiative on the potty chair. There have been several very productive (even consecutive) days this week, leading up to the miracle that was yesterday. Hmmm, maybe this time, I can allow myself some excitement at her progress. I know I seem obsessed with this whole thing; my daughter’s ability and subsequent unwillingness to properly potty; but it’s a frustrating ordeal. Anyone who has changed diapers for three (plus…) years can understand where I’m coming from, as can anyone who’s ever found him/herself concerned with the slightly lagging development of his/her blossoming baby. I like how the baby experts who write all the books, tell you not to worry and how your kid will grow on his/her own time and in his/her own way, and then write out a generic timeline of development, anyhow. What the hell, guys? Now, you just made me worry. What’s the point of a damned timeline, if they all grow differently? ‘Well, your child may be later than others, but most children talk, by the time they are nine months, or so.’ Perfect exemplary sentence. We’ve all read it, as we swelled, exponentially, with new life. These are the things they tell us not to worry about, but let your kid not talk until s/he is two, or so. They’ll test that poor baby seven ways from Sunday for every ‘deviation’. They like to use words like that, too. ‘Deviation’, ‘different’, ‘socially lacking’… The point of life, is that we’re all different, my dears, minus any absurdity of some doctor’s imagined stigma.

I’m getting off topic; starting to rant; and that’s no good. My point is that it’s hard, being a parent, never knowing if you’re doing the right thing. I guess, I’ll keep it up, it worked, eventually. But, what happens when the real problems hit? What about when she wants to run off with some tattooed, motorcycle riding boy who will knock her up when she’s sixteen? How do I know I’m doing alright enough now, that the chances of this scenario are unlikely? We don’t. That’s the hard part. There’s no way to tell, until s/he grows up to be a (hopefully) productive member of society. Someone we’re proud of, who’s proud of us, back. As far as my daughter goes, I think she’s too on top of things. She’s rather aware of what she gets away with and how, to the point that I’m probably in trouble, no matter what.

Maybe it’s alright, to get my hopes up. I had a feeling she was going to b a pro, once she tried it. It was the same thing with walking. She crawled late and then, like a wounded soldier. She didn’t walk until she was about sixteen months, but never really teetered or toddled. When she did walk, she was as confident and sure-footed after about a week, as other kids could only be, after months of practice. She’s definitely odd, probably a bit of a deviation, a little too socially adept, and that’s all fine, by me. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m sure she’ll graduate to underpants, soon; my little procrastinating professional.


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  1. stop worrying
    Sep 09, 2011 @ 02:34:00

    Hey wittyjules,

    I like your cool article.



  2. wittyjules
    Sep 09, 2011 @ 13:48:50

    Thanks, a lot. I was writing off the cuff, and a little concerned it wasn’t my best post. I appreciate the feedback.


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