What was in that macaroni and cheese? Crack?

I’ve actually looked up the ingredients; as though Kraft were some sort of code word. As in; Jeez, what did that kid have for lunch today? Crack, uh, I mean, Kraft, macaroni and cheese? As far as I can tell, by what’s on the box, no illegal uppers are concealed within the bright orange powder. The reason I was ever prompted to question this, in the first place, was a random spike in energy, one late-dinner night, in my three-year-old. She’d had a full day of animal gazing at a nearby rescue habitat (awesome place, called Noah’s Ark, in Locust Grove, GA.), and playing at the park. We picnicked, ran, toured acres of land, full of wonderfully exotic animals and still, somehow, she wanted to frolic at bedtime.

There are days I just want to lay in bed until the sun goes down. Another five minutes of sleep, just five, I beg the alarm clock, before rising, reluctantly, to greet the world. Kyra, on the other hand, fights sleep, refusing even, to nap, for fear she’ll miss anything. I have a five-minute video of her talking to a moth, trying to coerce it to come to her. Her energy is enviable and inspiring, an encouragement to come out and play, even though I’m (technically, I guess) a grown-up.

I know we all wonder, where did that exuberance go? Somewhere, in the midst of high school homework, late college nights, and crappy workdays, we adults lost our verve. We’ve been desensitized to life’s intricate and (supposedly) inconsequential beauties, worn out in our pursuit of the almighty dollar, and generally given up on the good inside, all of us. Sitting in the sunlight, the next day, typing out my thoughts on life, I watch my daughter throw a ball back and forth to herself, overjoyed at the beauty of a moment. This sun, this coffee, that smile, it’s all I’ll ever need. I must remember to thank her, one day, for bringing back to me the simplest of pleasures, once lost, in the shuffle.


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