Do you talk with your children; or do you talk AT them??

I feel like the old days of, “children should be seen and not heard”, are too long, leaving. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass, on the way out, I want to chide. Parents of all ages, finances, and backgrounds, seem to be 50/50 on this. Some are downright negligent; never acknowledging, let alone actually listening to their kids. Some are over the top, interrupting existing conversation to answer a kid who’s really just being rude. There is in this, as in ALL things, a rather happy medium.

That said, I’m going to mention that we have, before us, an amazing group of young people. If they are cultivated and taught properly, this generation can achieve truly wonderful things. We teeter, as a race, on the brink of an awesome epiphany, held together by the minds of tomorrow. These kids have as much to teach us, as we do, them. This is not to say that the parents and teachers of this brilliance should halt in favor of it, but, to imply that we alternately coddle and ignore it; something that has to stop, if it is to be properly nurtured.

Sometimes (most times, honestly) shut up and listen. Within our minds exist the possibility of all things, and when we open our minds, particularly to what a completely¬†naive mind can teach us (that which we have forgotten, almost entirely), we create a mixture of the purest understanding. Two worlds meet, to create a perfect balance, which is the epitome of ‘happy medium’.

What does it cost us, but, our time? All that most kids want; believe it, or not; is to be acknowledged, understood, appreciated. It’s what we all want/crave/yearn for, when you think about it. It’s a desire, it seems, that never dies. Just as we do, they love to be interesting and interested, to incite and enjoy a laugh, to hear and express concern. They want, as we all do, to be sociable, loved, intriguing. Is this so difficult to muster?

I think that society, as a whole, would benefit a great deal from more listening and less toxicity in our relationships.


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