Happy Friday!

There are black Fridays, Friday the thirteenths, and all manner of superstition, therein. But, for those of us with that five-day, regular work schedule, every Friday is a celebration. And yes; when I get home, there will be laundry and dishes to be done, floors to be vacuumed, and tables to be wiped, but tomorrow, I get to relax with my little girl and that makes every messy bit of it right with the world. We can play outside, or go for a drive, or even lounge around on the couch in our pajamas until we just don’t feel like it anymore. For all of those reasons, it’s a beautiful thing to see 1:30 on a Friday afternoon.

Working here, with kids of all ages, and new mothers and grandmothers, to make brighter the worlds of our little people, is a blessing in and of itself. One for which I am never thankful enough. And, yes, I go home smelling of cookies and pee, with spit-up on my shirt and no voice left, for trying to talk over my older (louder) after-school kids, but it’s well worth it, to have made the slightest difference in any young life.

To have been at home with Kyra for her first three years was both amazing and rewarding. To be able to be here, now, looking at  a life in the field of education, is pure bliss. I have found my calling: the baby whisperer, the malady soother, the teller of tales, and little kid at heart (if nowhere else).

Cherish your children, as they lead us into tomorrow.

Happy Friday!


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