Babes in the woods…

…all of us. And, each of us, as lost as the other.

We use our wits, our strengths, our hopes and dreams, to try and figure it out, but when it really boils down, none of us knows anything. And I mean ANYTHING. We don’t know shit, honestly. We guess and hope and pray (I imagine it’s all the same thing) that we mean something, that we count; hell; that we truly exist.

Sometimes, i just want to look at my kids (the after-school group of 6-8-year-olds where I work) and say, ‘Look: you are a beautiful mess. We all are. No point in hiding it, or messing about. Humanity is, as it should be, a big, beautiful mess. Accept your place in the tangle, and move along.’

Nobody ever really pulls you aside and tells you that. When you’re a kid, everything’s sugar-plum fairies and bill-less days, followed by sleep. Real sleep, too. The good kind. The little kid, I don’t have a care in the world, kind. But, you think you’re missing something, so you invent grown-up dramas to keep you busy, without realizing how much it sucks to grow up.

I’m going to try to stop raising my voice, to be patient, and to see the world from any other side. These are my New Year’s resolutions, a smidgen early. Forgive me; would you (for jumping the gun)?

I hope I can uphold them, so as not to be too hard on my kids. Or, anyone else.

As usual, thanks for reading. Happy Christmas! Or, Chanakuh, or Kwanzaa, or what-have-you! The spirit is the same, so it all means as much, to me.



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