All I Want For Christmas Is…

(…damned, if I know)


The shortest day of the year and Christmas, only a few of them, away. Kyra’s finally old enough to be psyched about Santa Claus bringing her a very specific gift: Thomas the Tank Engine. It’s her first train set. She wrote a letter asking for it and everything.

Mom’s birthday on Sunday was fun, although it was only me and her almost from the get-go. I enjoyed cooking for her nearly as much as I enjoyed getting drunk with her. She took it pretty well; turning 49, and all (which was her Wii Fitness age, too).

I’m at work, now, watching the kids nap and waiting to get off at two, so I can finally have something substantial to eat. I’ve munched a little, today, which is more than I can say for yesterday (when I didn’t get home until 4pm), where my only sustenance was provided by Starburst candies. Still, my tummy is a-grumbling and it’s only one-oh-five. The time seems to have stopped, since I started watching it. Nap-time is always painfully boring and today it’s worse, with no one to talk to in here. Unless, of course, you count telling Andrew to be quiet about 3 dozen times (which I don’t). At least Landon finally got to sleep after an hour and a half of alternately chasing him around the room and patting his back once he returned to his mat.

Looking around at the Christmas decorations and wistful snoozers, I still have no idea what I want for the holiday. Maybe, just some peace, quiet, and beer, would do  the trick. I already know better than to hope for any of that. We’ll be at the in-laws’ after presents, and then a bit of running around, followed by some more craziness from Kyra, as she finally gets to mind-travel to the Island of Sodor, where Thomas and his friends await her command. Oh, well. At least (perhaps) I’ll get the beer…

It’s going to be worth every minute, however, to get to watch Lil’ Bit  playthe role of  Mr. Conductor on the wooden version of her favorite railway: the first toy she’s ever (officially) asked for from Santa. What a brazenly hectic and magical day, it will be!



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