It’s funny, …

It’s funny, how quickly innovations appear in the name of killing with weaponry and shopping with convenience, versus the lag time left, in the saving of our souls with cures and books.

Medicine was stilted from the get-go, by the killing of home healers in the witch trials throughout the Middle Ages and beyond. We turned to blood-letting barbers in our hour of need, who probably killed more people than they saved.

What has technology handed us? Kids who can’t do more than work a computer. People who can’t live without their smart-phones. We can’t see the world around us…can’t hope for a future…won’t work toward a goal of a better tomorrow, all because we’re too busy with “needs” we invented, who never existed until we made them for ourselves. We play our phone games, text until we’re blue in the phone, manage our nothings on Facebook, and sit there while our minds are ravaged by age, and TV, and God knows what else. Meanwhile, the real things pass us by; a haze of actual beauty, lost in the shuffle of things to do, people to see, and e-books to read.

Don’t let the good things go, for the ease of a world we can so easily lose. Watch out for the sunsets. Gaze at the trees. Embrace the occasional slight wind on your face. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Walk in the ocean. Count your blessings. You never know when they’ll fall away.




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