gone fishin…

I keep seeing all the Mothers’ Day commercials for jewelry stores; touching, heart-warming, typical chick stuff; making me  frustrated with the stereotype. I don’t want chocolates, or flowers, or necklaces. I want to spend some time on a lake with my daughter, fishing and goofing off.

Her dad isn’t around to help her make me pancakes on Sunday morning and I wouldn’t change that. But his bed is made and that’s his own business. I don’t expect a boatload of fancy, nor do I particularly care for it. The last time I got to go fishing was almost six years ago. I don’t want to go to brunch, or have a mother-daughter tea party after church. I just want to watch the sun rise, catch some fish, show my daughter how to clean them, and eat our fresh lunch.

Is that so much to ask?


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