It only took me five years…

…but, I finally watched ‘There Will Be Blood’, which turned out to basically be a modern day ‘Barry Lyndon’. If you haven’t seen it; do. Barry Lyndon, that is. The former turned out to be sort of a ripoff. More than sort of. That last scene, in fact, was a mixture of Lyndon and The Shining. The guy was a talented director and all, but, regurgitating the classics (almost verbatim) negated his wit.

Of course, now I’m watching a Mandy Moore movie, which might possibly negate my good taste. It might, except that she was such a little badass, weirdo, Jesusfreak in ‘Saved’. So, I can’t really hold anything she does against her (even that wicked awful candy song she did to launch her singing career).

All that aside, it’s hard to watch a supposedly serious movie-maker pretend s/he’s completely original when it’s all been done before. There were probably Greek satires who rivaled ‘Saved’, for example. And I’m serious. The stuff we do has all been done. You want to put your spin on an old classic (like ‘The Easy A’, or something), fine by me. But don’t cut and paste various Kubrick films into an abortion of true originality.

That’s all I’m saying. Just BE YOU, dammit; people!


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