…the follow-up. I know what you’re thinking, but it was hard to find facts.

I learned that we sometimes lie because we are ashamed.

Other times, we are protecting ourselves.

Maybe, even, we lie just to get what we want.

As a woman, I can safely say that, occasionally, a white lie is just less complicated than the truth. Yes; every now and again; I have fibbed merely because it is easier than explaining the minute details of what actually transpired. My question is…

What starts it? What makes ‘compulsive liars’ do it? Why do we start so young? Why is it so (apparently) instinctive? Okay, okay. So maybe I need to pluralize it. Either way, those are my questions.

I did some research on it and, it turns out, none of us really know much about the brain, aside from basic functionality. The physiology of the brain is so perplexing, we might as well consider ourselves a half a step up from ancient Egyptian priests who, when mummifying a body, threw the brain aside as if it were an appendix (a whole another can of worms, if you ask me). Look it up. They preserved the intestines, liver, stomach, and lungs in Canopic Jars, while the heart remained in the body for “use in the afterlife”. As for the brain? They couldn’t understand it, so it didn’t matter (gonna go ahead and leave that one alone).

People lie to save face. We lie to avoid trouble. We lie to get laid…

So many reasons, and not one scientifically proven, unbiased explanantion. Hmmm. Does that NOT bother anyone else? I, for one, would like to understand the basis of the malicious lies. Are we a malicious People, who refuse to acknowledge as much? Or, is there a better explanation? 



We would have to expose ourselves to find it, so it is therefore, unworthy the risk.


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