iPhone 5: Beyond the Novelty

Yes, yes, I have the new iPhone 5. I work for a company that repairs iPhones and customizes them. As innovators, we have to be on the verge of technology. I wasn’t one of the damned fools who camped out in front of the store, or anything. The i5 is a great little gadget. However, I still love my 4. Why, oh why? Never underestimate the power of the jailbreak, ladies and gentlemen.

The iPhone 5 is sleek and sophisticated. I’m not gonna lie; it’s pretty. It’s about half the weight of the 4; this is true. And the LTE seems to be the only real, solid reason to get it. That LTE is lightning quick, but it eats the hell out of your data plan. If you’re like most of my colleagues, who managed to get grandfathered in on the Verizon Unlimited; good for you. LTE, away! If, however, you are like me and never used much data until recently; you’re screwed. Verizon has done away with unlimited data just when the best technology has been offered for Apple products.

My 4 automatically hooks up to WiFi, anywhere I go, plus she is jailbroken. So, yes, I can safely say that the 4 and 4S are not going to be quite obsolete any time, soon. There are a lot of advantages to owning both phones, but I wouldn’t have traded the 4 (who sports a gameboy case plus every single NES game ever made, prompting me to name it Zelda) for the 5. No way; no how.

There you are. My analysis; for your consideration.


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