Bullied; Bully; Bullshit.

I can’t help but to be angry at this bullying issue. All these babies, killing themselves, because they aren’t allowed to defend themselves. I was raised in a different time. If you fought, you got it off your chest. A fistfight, it seems, is the best way to prevent a suicide. To not allow a child; a person; to stand up for him/herself, creates wimps and sluts (on both ends; girls can be wimps, just as boys can be sluts, and, often are). This ridiculous ‘no tolerance’ policy exploits and kills little girls and little boys, in the place that matters most; in SPIRIT. To subdue or advert the energy of perfect innocence is the epitome of wrong, whether you are a kid, yourself, or not.

I remember going to the local basketball court with my brothers, when I was eight, or so (before video games and, by extension, childhood obesity, took over the States) to play hockey. I was told there, most expeditiously, that “girls don’t play hockey”. I showed them, just as quickly, the error of their ways; first, with my fists, and secondly with my hip checks; that they were prime idiots. I refused to be told what my limitations were by a bunch of school boys and, truth be told, I refuse, still, to this day. I’ve made it hard for myself, failing to conform, but, as the last cusp of the generation allowed to, I had that luxury. I stood up for my brothers and sister; regardless of their social awkwardness. I took shit for my own gossiped crimes, I failed to commit. But, my most absurd and lurid offenses. according to the teenage world, were severe.

I was poor.

I didn’t give a flying rat’s ass about my hair…after all, it’s always been an insane mess o’ frizzy goo for nothing, no matter what effort I put into it.

I was too smart.

Now, for those of you who don’t know; for an okay-looking girl to be smart, too, the way I was, set people (particularly the gorgeous and daft) on their ears. To blend in…to be ‘normal’, I had to play dumb. And, I still do; because, most people can’t comprehend the enormity of intelligence (which is to admit that we know nothing). So, to the people still secure in their own ignorance, know that I play stupid, just to watch stupid, at its best. I’m no genius; mind you; jut a girl who knows what”s’ what, and has the balls to call you on it. I watch; I wait; mostly for something better out of my fellow Wo/Man and, am often proven wrong. I’m proven right enough, that I still believe in us, but, I’m saddened at the state of degradation within Society. I yearn for something more innocuous, I ply for words I can’t conjure, I hope for a day full of toddler joy; pure, perfect, untainted.

Some say, there will never be peace. I say, we were born to it.