Trivial pursuit…

I’m one of those people who watches Jeopardy….plays trivia….reads books about the 5 people who died having sex and how George Washington ordered a man out of his boat because the fatass was making it sink. I like to do crossword puzzles in bed and listen to obscure soundtracks, versus, B98.5 radio. I’m a dork. The way I look makes me a closet dork, though.

When I play trivia, it gives me the satisfaction of a gay man admitting he is so. This is the way I have always been. I noticed it when I was eight or so, reading my slightly ghetto version of Encyclopedia Brittanica for shits and giggles. The stuff you learn there, is amazing. Besides, I’ve watched Jeopardy since I was a tiny kid. I see no reason to stop now, just because I grew breasts.

I like who and what I am. I enjoy the fact that I know some pretty random shit. It happens, over the course of a lifetime. It has taught me a great deal about myself and about those around me. I notice that what I remember, as it is relevant to me, is not the same as what others recall. And, vice-versa. We are given certain perspective reasoning as a way of ensuring that we must come together to understand others. We are, all of us, collective, yet separate.

In other words, every point of view is a new way of looking at yourself/life/the world (or Universe).