iPhone 5: Beyond the Novelty

Yes, yes, I have the new iPhone 5. I work for a company that repairs iPhones and customizes them. As innovators, we have to be on the verge of technology. I wasn’t one of the damned fools who camped out in front of the store, or anything. The i5 is a great little gadget. However, I still love my 4. Why, oh why? Never underestimate the power of the jailbreak, ladies and gentlemen.

The iPhone 5 is sleek and sophisticated. I’m not gonna lie; it’s pretty. It’s about half the weight of the 4; this is true. And the LTE seems to be the only real, solid reason to get it. That LTE is lightning quick, but it eats the hell out of your data plan. If you’re like most of my colleagues, who managed to get grandfathered in on the Verizon Unlimited; good for you. LTE, away! If, however, you are like me and never used much data until recently; you’re screwed. Verizon has done away with unlimited data just when the best technology has been offered for Apple products.

My 4 automatically hooks up to WiFi, anywhere I go, plus she is jailbroken. So, yes, I can safely say that the 4 and 4S are not going to be quite obsolete any time, soon. There are a lot of advantages to owning both phones, but I wouldn’t have traded the 4 (who sports a gameboy case plus every single NES game ever made, prompting me to name it Zelda) for the 5. No way; no how.

There you are. My analysis; for your consideration.

 It’s funny, …

It’s funny, how quickly innovations appear in the name of killing with weaponry and shopping with convenience, versus the lag time left, in the saving of our souls with cures and books.

Medicine was stilted from the get-go, by the killing of home healers in the witch trials throughout the Middle Ages and beyond. We turned to blood-letting barbers in our hour of need, who probably killed more people than they saved.

What has technology handed us? Kids who can’t do more than work a computer. People who can’t live without their smart-phones. We can’t see the world around us…can’t hope for a future…won’t work toward a goal of a better tomorrow, all because we’re too busy with “needs” we invented, who never existed until we made them for ourselves. We play our phone games, text until we’re blue in the phone, manage our nothings on Facebook, and sit there while our minds are ravaged by age, and TV, and God knows what else. Meanwhile, the real things pass us by; a haze of actual beauty, lost in the shuffle of things to do, people to see, and e-books to read.

Don’t let the good things go, for the ease of a world we can so easily lose. Watch out for the sunsets. Gaze at the trees. Embrace the occasional slight wind on your face. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Walk in the ocean. Count your blessings. You never know when they’ll fall away.



Concoctions of the verbose mind




It’s happening, everywhere, a steady decline and descent of information on paper. Call me old-fashioned (and the weird thing is, I’m kinda young), but this seems to me, dangerously short-sighted. We live in a society full of information, yet, nearly devoid of accurate and useful methods of obtaining said information. When books are a thing of the past; when libraries are obsolete; when the only Encyclopedia left, is written by our peers, in lieu of experts; all we can expect, is to lose it all, as easily and as quickly as it takes to click on the ‘save’ icon.

Has anybody noticed? Does nobody care? I assume the general (overused and generic) argument, is for the sake of the trees. It was applicable for the Lorax; doesn’t hold up so well, here. And I’m all about not fucking around with Mother Nature. I also know, as Mr. Carlin so aptly put it, that She has survived much worse, than us. We amount to a fly on Her windshield (the inside of it; we’re annoying, that way).

With the click of a button, I can melt my brain about forty-seven different ways. I want to be clear, here. Television, video games, computers, Ipads, tablets, cell phones; they all have their place; my argument is only their status as commonplace. Technology is a wonderful thing, in moderation, but here we are at the advent of in-home 3-D TV. Take a second, to think this through, with me. We live, physically, in a 3-D (if not, more) world. We can play actual sports, have human interaction, in doing so, possibly (Whomever, forbid) even, get to  know our neighbors and peers. Physically. In this world, we call home. But, nope. We’d rather Wii fitness, chat online, social network, Xbox and Playstation our poor hands, to the point of broken thumbs.

Instead of going outside and joining the actual 3D (if not, more) world, at the edges of our thresh-hold , we are choosing to watch a fake, scripted 3D world, on TV, at home. We’re fat because we’re lazy. We’re lazy because we’re content to be stupid. Why? Why are we exponentially apathetic? Because, it’s too hard and too time-consuming to care (plus, people think you’re weird, if you do; take it from me). Here’s the utterly mentally challenged part. We started out, inventing all this crap we don’t particularly need, with the intention of having more time for other things. Important things. Now, we merely fill that time with ridiculous, pointless, money-making ways of filling wasted time.