I thought random acts of kindness were good things.

They are;  you don’t always see the reward. A discrepancy the other day made me falter. It was literal, it was reciprocal, and it was sad;

When you give, you don’t expect to get; you just become disappointed.

A little thing like going out of your way to hold the door at a gas station for a stranger (where she fails to simply hold it open for you) can change the way you look at the world, but it doesn’t have to. Our world is not the world and so we are adept at change.

I love you guys.Love each other, too.



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How’s this?

The Top 5 Most Underrated Movies of All Time

(Some of you might be sensing a theme, here…)

I will tell you why I chose each one. They are all based on my opinion alone, and what I like to see in a movie; which consists of a great storyline, an unpredictable ending, and a cast who can pull off both of those with witty dialogue. I don’t do explosions and I can’t stand cheap nudity. So NO: ‘Eyes Wide Shut will not be on this list, although it is widely acknowledged as an underrated movie.

No. 5 is, however, a Kubrick movie. It’s’ called ‘Paths Of Glory’ and features Kirk Douglas in his first collaboration with the famous, dead director. ‘Paths Of Glory’ is the tale of a few soldiers wrongly tried for treason by their commanding officers. All are expected to perpetrate the ruse, to make an example of these soldiers and boost morale, but Douglas refuses, causing discord. It’s beautifully filmed and well-told.

No. 4 is called Waking Life. It’s a Richard Linklater film. If you know him at all, it’s probably from ‘Dazed and Confused’ or (less likely, but still possible) ‘A Scanner, Darkly’. Scanner would have made this list if it was less known. The fact is, hardly anyone I have ever met has seen ‘Waking Life’, until I convince them to watch it with me. It’s a story of random outbursts seen from the point of view of a young man who appears to be dreaming. The whole movie is full of interesting concepts, shared with the audience through a lucid dream…the result, of course, is rather open-ended. I still have debates about the ending of that film.

No. 3 is ‘The Virgin Suicides’, directed by one of my favorites; Sophia Coppola. Sophia’s cast endears us from the beginning, throughout the plight of pubescent teenage girls locked away by their fervently religious and stalwart, strict mother. From James Woods (the passive father, wanting to help, but not knowing how), to the boys who watch them from across the street, to Kirsten Dunst as the insatiable Lux, the girls enchant from the very first line.

No. 2 is a Guy Pierce winner. ‘Memento’; one of Christopher Nolan’s first flicks (I guess I didn’t keep to form, here, ‘The Following’ is probably less known) stunned me with its backward motion and it’s unbelievable beginning (which actually was the ending; literally filmed backwards, that one). It’s a little hard to follow, but completely worth it if you aren’t a victim of insufferable ADD.

NUMBER 1!!! It’s called ‘Big Nothing’. This was suggested to me by Netflix, so I figured I’d give it a shot. That movie had me at the edge of my seat, going, “What the F??? No way that just happened. Oh damn…”. The whole movie was this great storyline full of twists that I, as a writer, couldn’t predict. I got a little bit of the end right, about thirty seconds before it happened, and that was it. That movie is still one of the very best I have ever seen. I never thought David Schwimmer could pull off anything close to his character in that flick. It was hilarious, sickening, and thrilling, all at once.

Give the Indies a chance, folks, otherwise, you never know what you’re missing.


That Time of Year

is upon us.

I can’t help but to think that the best way to live is to love. To believe in love like a little kid believes in Santa Claus is all that we have left; right? Unless you buy the whole bible-thumper lifestyle; hook, line, and sinker. To live for love is to be true to whatever makes us different. Period. Just off, and awkward, and weird. I like being all of the above. It’s what makes us…. I love these movies because they’re so real. The only way to see the beauty in life is to open up the jar and let the world in. You have to see people to know them, and you have to know them to appreciate them. 

To see, you have to open your eyes. To believe, you have to open your heart. To know, you have to leap, and to appreciate, you have to first understand. It’s a vicious, wondrous cycle. It’s hard to explain how to be a human being, but at least I tried. It’s more than I can say for anyone who ever mouth-spanked their waitress over pickles on a burger.


…the follow-up. I know what you’re thinking, but it was hard to find facts.

I learned that we sometimes lie because we are ashamed.

Other times, we are protecting ourselves.

Maybe, even, we lie just to get what we want.

As a woman, I can safely say that, occasionally, a white lie is just less complicated than the truth. Yes; every now and again; I have fibbed merely because it is easier than explaining the minute details of what actually transpired. My question is…

What starts it? What makes ‘compulsive liars’ do it? Why do we start so young? Why is it so (apparently) instinctive? Okay, okay. So maybe I need to pluralize it. Either way, those are my questions.

I did some research on it and, it turns out, none of us really know much about the brain, aside from basic functionality. The physiology of the brain is so perplexing, we might as well consider ourselves a half a step up from ancient Egyptian priests who, when mummifying a body, threw the brain aside as if it were an appendix (a whole another can of worms, if you ask me). Look it up. They preserved the intestines, liver, stomach, and lungs in Canopic Jars, while the heart remained in the body for “use in the afterlife”. As for the brain? They couldn’t understand it, so it didn’t matter (gonna go ahead and leave that one alone).

People lie to save face. We lie to avoid trouble. We lie to get laid…

So many reasons, and not one scientifically proven, unbiased explanantion. Hmmm. Does that NOT bother anyone else? I, for one, would like to understand the basis of the malicious lies. Are we a malicious People, who refuse to acknowledge as much? Or, is there a better explanation? 



We would have to expose ourselves to find it, so it is therefore, unworthy the risk.

Ok, ok, so I’m a little bit late…

…plus, everyone else is already blogging about it. I don’t usually get political, so I was going to be a gentlewoman and leave this one alone. That is, I was, until I stumbled across this (from an Aunt I used to think was an intelligent, logical, strong woman) on Facebook…

Jody O’Donnell Stinson to Gloria Holmes Cooper
“I do know that many women claim ‘rape’ when indeed it was consensual but later she had second thoughts to save face or get revenge for later being spurned.” I saw this on Roger’s page, written by you. It made me sick. It is people who think (and speak) like this that make girls and women AFRAID to speak out when they have been raped or molested. I KNOW too many who have dark secrets about being harmed and are too afraid to say a word out of fear that they will not be believed because the person was “a good person” and “could never do that”. These people live every day alone with the hurt. I’m not going to sit here and argue my case, I know you will have a billion things to throw at me attempting to defend your statement. I just wanted to stand up for all those who HAVE been hurt and say something because too many times people say nothing at all.Gloria Holmes Cooper: You have your thoughts about it and nothing I can say would change it. You take an example and run with that like it is the whole story. Sheesh! I was a juror at a rape trial. The guy got convicted, but believe me there were extenuating circumstances. Why do you think girls were so protected in the past and wore modest clothing? To thwart them or to protect them? These days molestation and date rape are epidemic. Gee I wonder why?

Julia Gulia: I think I’m going to throw up. There are a lot of things going through my mind right now, but all I will say is that you just lost ALL my respect, Gloria, in implying that any girl, anywhere, is ever “asking for it.” Surprise, surprise… I agree wholeheartedly with Jody. What that right wing nitwit said about “legitimate rape” makes me want to slap him in the face with a prison penis.

* By the way, I am Julia Gulia in this scenario*
She had posted this comment in response to the now infamous Todd Akin quote, which was (in case you’ve been in a fallout shelter for the past two days): “First of all, from what I understand from doctors [pregnancy from rape] is really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”
It has been proven (by modern science, not Jesus) that a woman can get pregnant without having an orgasm, as it seems that this is what he tried to imply. It has also been proven that men have immediate access to two hands and a bottle of lotion. Rape, if you ask me, is inexcusable, by any means.
I’m not going to share my views on abortion. They are akin to George Carlin’s; we’ll leave it at that. A moral aversion to abortion is NO excuse to allow for moral ambiguity on behalf of rape victims. An average rape sentence is eight years, for the offender.
You do the math, for the victim’s average rape sentence.