Don’t you like American Music?

Forgive me for my line larceny, but the Femmes are one of my favorite bands and this is one of the best tunes they sing. For all the half-hearted fans out there, they also sing ‘Blister In The Sun’. I had a great discussion (with a young person; no less!) about real music the other day. It seems as though lyrics are disappearing to be replaced by a single mantra, repeated incessantly and a tired, old beat you can (at best) jiggle or gyrate to. I miss the more innocent days of poets strumming out a tune for all of us to fall in love with and never tire of, no matter how scratchy the record becomes from overuse.

Chuck Berry’s ‘My Ding-A-Ling comes to mind. It’s one of the cutest little songs I have ever heard and he plays it with such an air of little boy’s innuendo that it makes me feel like a kid again. Now we have wardrobe malfunctions and raunchy “lyrics” who feel more like sentences from Penthouse Forum. I have been known to blame ‘American Idol’ almost exclusively for the¬†abattoir of art and originality in American music, but it’s not all their fault. I also blame a generation that can’t wait for things, feels a constant need for instant gratification, and hopes for nothing more in life, than the fleeting infamy of being some sort of Jersey Shore reality “star”. They are the worst brand of impatient and ignorant, these facebooking, sexting, nose in a smart phone attached to a head up their ass, kids.

I occasionally see a glimmer of hope, but they are few and far between. Keep your kids off drugs…yeah, sure. But also remember to keep your kids off TV and facebook. Talk to them, every now and again. Pay attention to the people who will one day be running a world forgotten. Keep us from our Idiocracy outlined fate.